New – Used Furniture – 4/26/17

New – Used Furniture – 4/26/17

Good News Everyone!!! We just had a TON of Brand New Showroom Model High End Luxury Office Chairs hit our dock and they are making there way onto the warehouse showroom floor today! Brands include, Haworth, Sit On It, Highmark, United and so many more. We got in a variety of Office Chairs from Executive Leather to Managerial Upholstered Chairs. We also received in some very nice guest seating as well. Like we said before they are Showroom models so not a lot of matching chairs but definitely some that would complement each other nicely. Come take a look at these beautiful chairs because they will not last long in our inventory.

We also received in some very nice brand new Artwork some the showroom as well. All very nice very high end Artwork that would add to any office setting some much needed color and character. Come take a look through all the beautiful artwork before it is gone.

Please call or come in for pricing and item availability.



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