Steelcase Remanufactured

Remanufactured Steelcase office furniture

Steelcase, one of the top manufactures of flexible, sustainable, private and collaborative cubicle designs. Steelcase offers a variety of options when it comes to great quality and high end open concept and private workstations. Why not take advantage of a great line without paying the brand new price when you can have remanufactured and Go Green all at the same time? Steelcase believes in a sustainable product that is manufactured from recycled materials as well as being 76% recyclable when going to be disposed of. The environmental business owner will really appreciate the ability to have a green product that is high end and reliable at a fraction of the cost with remanufactured. Steelcase remanufactured product offers new or remanufactured paint, fabric, worksurfaces and components and comes with the very same limited lifetime warranty as the new product. Some of our most popular lines of Steelcase are Answer, 9000 and Avenir, but there are many more to choose from. Steelcase Answer provides a private yet collaborative work station that is flexible to change with your ever changing business, with clean cut lines and mobility, this a great option for an ever growing office environment. Steelcase 9000 Steelcase Avenir

Steelcase Avenir

Steelcase ANSWER