Furniture Project Management

A layout change, or refurnishing project can be a massive distraction from the productive aspects of your business. This sort of distraction can cause valuable time and effort to be diverted away from your priorities. In these situations, an experienced project management service can save time and money for your business. SOS is here to provide you with solid project management skills that will compliment your goals.

SOS offers this service in addition to providing the office furniture that you need. SOS also provides furniture liquidation services, and will buy your old furniture. After you find the new or used furniture you want, we will create a plan to ensure that your office is refitted perfectly with our professional space planning services. Finally, our team of professional movers will move the furniture in for you.

Since we use our own team, SOS is able to provide this service at a fraction of the cost of an outside mover. We have a specialized team that deals solely with office related moves, and this experience means that they are better suited for the job as well. We take pride in our reputation, and our team of installers work hard to ensure that nothing is damaged or installed incorrectly. Our moving and installation team work closely with lead installers, project managers, and sales personnel to ensure that your job is completed perfectly. We diversify our install team with electricians, computer specialists, and more, so you can rest assured that you have problem solvers on hand.

Furthermore, SOS has dealt with nearly every style and brand of office furniture. Therefore, the SOS team is better trained with regards to the proper installation of office furniture. SOS is proud to provide the best service possible and always keeps you involved and informed at all times, making efficient use of your time.


If you’d like to learn more about our Furniture Project Management service, simply contact us using the form below.