Workstations Galore!

Workstations Galore!

Systems furniture, cubicles, cube farms, workstations, cubes – they go by many names and there’s even more brands, configurations, and styles! Let SOS help you navigate the world of systems furniture! We sell new, used AND remanufactured cubes to ensure that we have a solution for every need and budget! Take a look at a couple photos of our installs, note that we work alongside other trades (electricians, construction, etc.) quite frequently and still produce a beautiful finished product! We’ve sold and installed hundreds of thousands of cubes in our nearly 25 year history – we’ve had single cube jobs, to 3,000 cube jobs! No job is too big or too small for your friends at SOS!

Preowned Cubes: Don’t let the name scare you – we have a national network of brokers that we purchase from! Our used inventories are VERY clean and high quality! Utilizing our vast network of used inventories we can help clients who just want to get operational and clients that want all the newest and trendiest design elements! When you purchased a pre-owned inventory, you will, on average, save between 50-75% versus new pricing! Commercial grade products are built to last, so the only thing you have to lose when purchasing pre-owned is the price tag! We sell all the major OEM’s (Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Teknion, etc.)

Remanufactured Cubes – don’t want a used cube, but don’t want to pay for a new one? Reman is your option! We remanufacture all the major OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) like Steelcase, Haworth & Herman Miller (and more!) We can match any fabric and paint colors, and our product has the same warranty as new! Not only that, but our remanufactured line is the only one IN THE WORLD that is BIFMA LEVEL certified and has ANSI scores that rate it “like new” or “better than new” – basically that’s a fancy way of saying a 3rd party entity said we’re doing it right! How can our product be “better than new”? It’s simple. We take old panels, strip them down to the steel core, and completely rebuild them with new paint and fabrics. The old adage, “they don’t make them like they used to anymore” is true. New OEM’s replace old steel parts and pieces with plastic to save money, and use an inferior gauge of steel than they did a decade ago – meaning our “old” panel that we remanufactured into a new panel is WAY better quality than it’s new counterpart. Not to mention, purchasing reman means you’re achieving sustainability and contributing to a circular economy. We can provide sustainability metrics with every purchase! Landifll avoidance, raw material avoidance, CO2 avoidance, and reduction of carbon footprint – all acheivable with a remanufactured purchase! On average, purchasing remanufactured is 30% more affordable than purchasing from a new OEM!

New Cubes – Not interested in Pre-owned or remanufactured – not to worry! We still have a solution! We offer a wide selection of new cubicles, with all the fabrics and finishes that you can find from the big OEMs! One thing you won’t find – the price tag! We have SO many great options, there’s really no need for us to offer an over priced product. Our new cubes (as well as our remanufactured and used options) are all high quality, commercial grade products. Don’t pay for a brand name. You can get the same quality with a new SOS cube!

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